lo1You’re an e-learning expert

Like us, you’ve heard these types of questions all the time:

  • Do we have to deliver our training through e-learning? 
  • Should we in-source or outsource the production? 
  • Where do we start, and how do we produce our own effective e-learning courses?
  • How do we create media? How do we deliver our e-learning modules?

Learn e-learning answers all these questions (and many more) through an innovative website, letting you concentrate on the actual needs of your clients.

Site architectureWhat’s in it for me?

Learn e-learning is a simple website that is intuitive and easy to use.

Based on the ADDIE model, everything related to the e-learning process is presented through clear and useful e-learning modules. Everything your clients need is here. We also offer other selected relevant external resources.

A beneficial tool for you and your clients.

Example 1: Beliefs about e-learning

Example 2: Pedagogical objectives


Want to be a part of the adventure?

Participate, become a part of the community and let Learn e-learning become the place to be.

Want to go further? An affiliate program will let you share the benefits of this platform. Stay tuned, more information will be available soon.

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Who’s behind this?

Learn e-learning was created by a group of e-learning consultants with more than 15 years’ experience in the field in order to support organizations in the development of their own e-learning courses

Resources on e-learning can be found on the Web, but we still had increasing numbers of clients and people telling us:

“What we found on the Web was either too complicated or too simple. Yes, there are community platforms on the subject, but do I have to watch those 960 boring videos before starting my own e-learning courses?”

Can’t find useful websites with practical information for starting your online courses? Really?
Now, there’s one.